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April 30, 2001: One year ago today

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One year ago today, we went out with a friend, the three of us, laughing, having fun. We wandered around the fairgrounds and listened to bagpipes. You and she patiently waited for me to stop dithering and buy the stone dragon, and you insisted that if I bought it, I would have to name it.

One year ago today, we started the day with breakfast, chai latte's and waffles with butter and syrup and whipped cream, all three of us ready for a day of fun. Later, you and she drank Guinness and I had Coke at a Mexican restaurant in town. That afternoon in the parking lot as we headed for ice cream, you and I teasing, you trying to tickle me, she yelled out "Just kiss her." And I wanted you to but I knew you wouldn't, that you and I were only ever going to be friends.

One year ago today I was back home and you sent me an Instant Message to see if I wanted to come over and watch a movie, and even though it was late and I was tired, I said what the heck and so I drove over and you put in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" with Danny Kaye, and I noted that I loved Danny Kaye, and we both remembered the last time I had done this, come over to watch a movie - "Drop Dead Fred" which was rather silly.

Fooling around, teasing, laughing, suddenly we were face to face, inches away from each other, and all I could think was to wonder if you would kiss me, and I knew that you wouldn't and that was okay because we would still be friends and it would be an awkward moment and we would recover from it gracefully, the same as we did the last time it happened.

But I was wrong. Wondefully, marvelously, completely wrong.

One year ago today you kissed me, and I kissed you back.

One year ago today, I fell in love.

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