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May 09, 2001: Couch potato

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I've been toying with the idea of making a lasagna all week. Not enough motivation though. Cooking requires going to the store first and somehow that's too much effort. I even pondered making vegetable fajitas since at least I have all the ingredients for those, but that requires too much effort too. Anything that necessitates washing dishes first just isn't going to happen.

I lounged in front of the television tonight and watched sitcoms I didn't recognize. This past year or so I've only ever watched ER. Tonight proved that I haven't been missing much. I guess I knew that but every once in a while I like to prove it to myself.

While brushing my teeth, I caught a glimpse of colored lights through the bathroom window. Looking out, I could see - far away through the darkness across the park that stretches behind my house - the carnival midway for the May Fair. The ferris wheel stood tall and motionless. Since the fair doesn't start til tomorrow, I can only assume they were in the process of setting up and testing.

I opened the window and heard nothing but wind and birds. Tomorrow night the air will be filled with the echo of fair noise. I think I'm glad I'll be missing it.

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