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June 12, 2001: Catch phrases

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I saw my veil today - or what will be my veil. Between the two of us, the seamstress and I twisted and tacked my hair to my head and then she added the material, and I looked in the mirror. It was lopsided and lumpy, and it was hard to tell because we were laughing, and the lace isn't completely on yet (which seems to be the bane of the seamstress' assistant), but it's going to look lovely.


There are ants in the house, everywhere. They're not swarming - well, mostly they're not (we just won't mention the state of the kitchen garbage yesterday morning) - they're just *there*. Every time I look down, I see at least one or two or so of the little creatures.

In our old house, all it took was a liberal sprinkling of diazenon crystals around the house and no more ants. In this house, I'm starting to realize it's going to take a lot more than that. I think this wonderful raised foundation that's so nice on the cooling budget is likely to be our downfall with the bugs. I'm loathe to call someone out here and spray, but if they don't clear up, we may just have to.


Looks like I won't have to be as completely bored for the next five weeks as I'd feared. I managed to get myself signed up for a technical training course last week of June and first week of July. This means I'll be living in corporate apartments for two weeks, and stuck in a room full of other techno-nerds who were just as bored as I have been (the only time we ever get to sign up for training is when we're on the bench), and this may make the Fourth of July interesting, since I am not willing to give up that holiday just for this class, but at least it'll kill the time.


Yesterday, Richard sat at his computer and gleefully read off descriptions of things one can download for the Palm Pilot. Under the 'religion' category, there's apparently a nifty little program to track...well...the rhythm method. I can only assume it's under religion because this is the only form of birth control certain sects of Christianity are allowed to practice, This is *just* what I got *my* Palm Pilot for, ya know?

And then there's other such gems, like the pocket Karma Sutra (sorry, folks - no pictures; just descriptions involving phrases like 'love juice', and how can you pass up on *anything* that refers to 'love juice', I ask you?), the pocket monkey pal (which promises such fascinating delights for the little creature like how it flings feces, and you can control it using 'mild electric shocks'), and then of course there's the Hell Clock, described as 'just like any other clock except it's EVIL'. I can only imagine this little watch face that displays on your Palm and ticks menacingly.

There are people out there with entirely too much time on their hands. Of course, then it occurs to me that I've now got nearly five weeks of idle time myself.


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