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June 28, 2001: Twiddling my thumbs

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Week one of the two-week class I'm currently taking is nearly done. Every time I get frustrated by the slow pace of the course, I remind myself that this week is usually taught in *two* weeks, and we were getting the accelerated class, and that alone keeps me from muttering 'shoot me, just shoot me' to the nearest person...or at least it keeps my eye-rolling to a minimum.

When other people in class begin to ask you questions when the teacher isn't around, and when you're done with the project you're to do that day before most of the rest of the class has even started because you figured out what to do while the teacher was still going over the design, this is a really good indication that you're going to ace the class.

I find it amusingly ironic, considering that of all the people in the course, I'm the one with least exposure and experience in this particular toolset anyway. Ah well. The tools that Big Fish uses to do their application (the same tools they've now attached to Little Fish's software) are there, I'm convinced, solely for the purpose of keeping the developer far, far away from touching the database or doing anything remotely complicated. This is an amusing and still saddening revelation for a little computer nerd who's used to going in and mucking about with her bare hands instead of having to rely on a (albeit pretty and advanced) tool to do it for her.

I shouldn't complain too much. It's an easy week with no stress. My manager very nicely set me up in corporate housing, and the apartment is conveniently located across the street from a large mall with a Starbucks (frankly I don't care about the mall itself - all I care about is the close proximity to my coffee and scone each morning). And since I'm down here in Pleasanton, I was close enough that I got to do dinner with Ivymoon last night.

It's been a slow and quiet week. I ran into one of my Little Fish coworkers who noted that if I was bored through this week's instruction, next week will be no more exciting. He gently suggested that I try to sit back and relax and go along for the ride...but I'll admit that's very difficult for me. I'm too used to going too deep too fast for this job. It's hard for me to leave it alone.

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