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June 30, 2001: Only doing my duty

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I've decided that, as a bride, it is my solemn duty to worry incessantly about at least one thing for this wedding. Up til now, I've not had to do too much worrying, mainly because my mom was doing enough for both of us. But now I've finally got something of my own - something that my mom isn't even worrying about at all! It's my own little dither-point. I'm so proud.

Lights. I've decided to worry about lights. See, for what we've planned for the reception, it would be ideal if we could manage to accumulate enough little white holiday lights so that the room would be lit by those and those alone. However, finding enough lights has proven to be quite a challenge. For one thing, most people only have a few of them, and these things are of such quality that only about half the ones we've managed to scrounge actually work.

So, taking advantage of the fact that Richard's been a little bored at work, I wheedled him into searching for lights online, thinking that perhaps we might be able to order some (since stores don't carry Christmas lights in the middle of teh summer. Go figure).

He found one place that had them for a great price, and so he placed the order. It wasn't until after the order had been placed that we both realized that this particular company goes on vacation this week - and doesn't come back until July 16th. The week before the wedding.

So I've been having a wonderful time worrying about these lights. Will they get here on time? Can they guarentee we'll have them by the wedding? What if it's still not enough?

Okay, it's not much, but it's mine. Everything else is finally going too smoothly to really get panicked about.

Lights. 6000 lights. If that isn't enough to light that darn room, I think I may have to kick something.

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