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August 20, 2001: The continuing saga

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I'm still job hunting, and the pressure has just gotten a bit greater. Only slightly more than one week of vacation left, so I am now back on the bench, off vacation, and available to be sent away on a project. Shudder. My boss is willing to consider short projects, and I've asked her if working 4-day weeks if I'm going to be on the road is an option but...

So in the meantime, I am worriedly poring over job pages, newspaper help wanted ads, and any other site I think could give me any leads.

And what fun stuff is out there! If I wanted to be a Pool Cleaner, I'd be snapped up - there's a ton of ads for them. Now, apparently, is also a great time to go into Real Estate (at least this seems to be the common theme of those particular ads). My current favorite, however, is the position for Internet developer and Webmaster for a chain of adult bookstores.

If I knew even a bit more web-based languages, I would be sooo tempted. I mean, putting the morality issue aside here, the pay would have to be pretty good, and just think of the amazing stories you'd be able to tell friends and family. Uh. Or maybe not. But anyway. I'm not applying for that one, no matter how tempted I am. Really I'm not.

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