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September 06, 2001: Little stuff

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Sebastian suddenly gives an annoyed and abrupt cry and takes off down the front hall, one back leg tucked high against his body. I rush after him as he stops in mid dash and sits down to frantically lick at his rear. Upon further inspection I discover the source of the offense - an ant. I can only assume that the mad dash and funny walk were because the ant bit him (seeing as how I've been the victim of those little critters myself lately). Poor cat - I couldn't decide whether to pet him and sympathize or burst out laughing. I settled for petting, snickering, and referring to him as 'anty-butt' for the remainder of the day.


Tuesday night, Dad came over to return our garage door opener (they had it in order to feed the furry horde while we were off at DragonCon). One thing led to another in conversation and it ended up me handing him the first book in the Harry Potter series as he headed out the door. This afternoon, while arranging times for him to come over to dinner (Mom's out of town), he mentioned he'd finished the book. There was a pause, and then 'Do you have another?' We sent him home tonight after dinner with the next two. Another addict on the way - heh heh.


The end result of trying to organize things is that I invariably end up having to unpack stuff. I had a frantic hour or two searching madly through the house for all my old paper journals - mainly because I just filled up another one and wanted to put it with the others. After whimpering to Richard via IM, and scrambling through drawers, cupboards, and even the garage, I finally found them, buried in the bottom of the one box I've left to unpack. I didn't end up unpacking the rest of the box, but while I was in the guest room - also known as the Room That Holds All Random Stuff - I sorted through the pile of wedding presents and managed to get a bunch more of those put away too. It's getting to the point where I really need to take the cardboard over to the recycling place. I think I'm happy about this, because this means the number of boxes (cartons, packing boxes, etc.) left to go through is dwindling rapidly. Maybe by the end of the year we'll be finally all 'moved in'. Ha.

What's left to unpack and put away, however, has got me thinking more and more about furniture we really 'need' to get. Going through the Toscano catalog that arrived in the mail today didn't help at all. I'm currently lusting after a dining room table, an end table, an occasional table (although what it is when it's not a table, we're not entirely sure), and this amazingly lovely 'gossip lounger', which is a Victorian-type loveseat where one end is actually a phone table. Of course, most of these just wouldn't fit in our house, and of course the prices are just a tad (ha!) on the 'ouch' side, but.... Ah well.

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