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September 08, 2001: The holy ribbit

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I was going to write out a sharp and witty entry, wherein I would regale you all with our scintillating dinner conversation last night. The conversation in question resulted from my first mentioning that I'd found a rather amusing 'help wanted' ad which required the submission of a Christian Testimonial, followed by noting that - due to its untimely discovery by ants - perhaps it may finally be time to get rid of the dead frog in our garage. Satan's minions (cleverly disguised as ants) came into discussion, as did interpretive hopping dances.

The problem with this, of course, is that while the conversation had us nearly spewing our water across the table, it's kind of hard to put all that down into text without it degenerating into the sort of thing that anyone else who wasn't there at the time of the original conversation would end up staring with puzzled look, saying 'Huh?'

There you have it - the sordid details of your narrow escape from complete incomprehension. You have no idea how lucky you are.

It was funny, though. Honest it was. It could have been big too. We were going to call it the Church of the Dead Frog, and it would have rivaled the Church of the Quivering Otter. I'd put a link to that one but I can't find a working one (and I hope this doesn't mean that it's no longer online. Now *that* would be a tragedy).

So, instead of discussing frog-based religion, I'll simply let you know that I finally finished the master bedroom curtains - because of course I know you've all been on the very edge of your seats salivating to find out just when I'd manage that little feat. Because it was so gosh darn exciting - the saga of my curtain-making, that is - I'll simply leave this to your imagination. We ordered fabric for the computer room curtains. Yes, that's right folks. Two more of them, as soon as the order comes in.

For even more excitement, we wandered through three (yes, three) hardware stores today looking for wooden arbors that come with gates. Oh yeah, and earlier this evening we somehow ended up in an argument over who had the slimier nose - Tangerine or Richard.

Do we know how to live it up or what?

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