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October 04, 2001: You know you want it

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Because I know you're all dying to get the answer to this question, yes, I did finally paint my toenails too. However, instead of neon lime green, they are grape bubblegum purple.

I think I like the purple a lot better. I'm thinking that maybe the fingers need to be purple too. The lime green - bright and spiffy as it is - just doesn't really go with most of my wardrobe. Not, mind you, that the purple will be much more coordinated, but at least all my digits will match. Hey, a girl has to draw the line *somewhere*.

And speaking of organized, matching wardrobes and other vitally important things in life, those of you with Palm Pilots, listen up. Have I found some incredibly useful things for *you*! These are programs you're going to want to rush right out and upload onto your little handheld gem right away.

I mentioned wardrobes, right? Well, ever wanted to figure out what to wear but just didn't want to be bothered with actually *looking* through your closet or dresser? Have no fear - the Wardrobe Manager is here to save the day. For the low, low cost of $10, this nifty little program tracks the date you last wore that outfit (because after all, it just wouldn't do to repeat yourself too often, I guess), and also lets you know what is and isn't availble - based on the maintenance schedule.

Uh. Okay. Maybe I'm missing something really important here, but since when did clothes have a *maintenance* schedule?

But while we're on the subject of 'programs for the completely shallow and self absorbed', check out the Tan Turner. Only $3.95 will get you a little program you can set to beep when it's time to turn over. Better run right out and upload that puppy before your next trip to the beach. We won't discuss just what salt air and sand could do to the PDA while it's timing your baking sessions, okay? Like, totally, ya know?

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