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October 11, 2001: Second croak

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We sort of assumed that the first time was a fluke, because one doesn't expect to find dead frogs in one's garage every day, after all. There is the little matter of the continually growing number of cricket corpses that keep showing up in there, true, but there had been, so far, only one frog. This morning, however, I found another - this one much larger than the first.

I'm starting to feel a little guilty about this. I like frogs. I think these frogs are actually kind of cute. Okay, so these might really be toads - I honestly don't know (or care, for that matter), but whatever they are, they're fun to watch, hopping across the sidewalk with fat little squelching noises when we go walking at night. And because of this, I'm not particularly happy to discover that our garage has turned into the local amphibian death trap.

This does, of course, sort of blow our whole Church of the Dead Frog thing out of the water. One suicidal frog was worthy of worship, but now that there's two…well, it just doesn't seem right anymore.

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