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October 12, 2001: Not looking back

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Today marks the official last day of my employment with the Big Fish. Considering that Richard and I already went out and had our celebratory dinner the night I was released from my last project, and that I've already turned in all my stuff, today seems a bit anticlimactic. There's a part of me that feels I should be doing *something* to celebrate the occasion, like maybe firing up the little mini-Weber grill to burn the last of my business cards. But then, perhaps, in some way, it's better to just let the day slip into oblivion with nothing more than a whispered 'farewell'.


During my nearly two years of employment by the Big Fish, I never really bothered to pay attention to the stock price. There never seemed to be any point, since I've tried to view the stock market as a long range playground only, and usually manage to avoid worrying about the ups and downs by reminding myself that history has shown it always goes up.

However, ever since I gave my two week notice, I've been following that stock ticker like a hawk. I check that sucker several times a day, and every time it inches up another few cents, I give a silent but hearty 'wahoo!' The reason, of course, is entirely selfish.

Over the past five years with the Big Fish, Little Fish, and all the even smaller incarnations of this company, I've been slowly accumulating a healthy pile of stock options. When the Big Fish swallowed the Little Fish I exercised some of them (although I'm still not quite sure why. I guess it just seemed like the best thing to do at the time, with the Little Fish's stock soaring higher than we'd ever seen it before in anticipation of the buy-out), but the majority have been quietly gathering dust.

Now, however, I've got three months from today in which to exercise these options before I lose them for good. Not all are vested of course, but the amount that is available to me is enough that I'm not so willing to let it just slip away. So call me selfish, but it sure would be nice if, in the next three months, that stock price would inch its way up to at least slightly higher than the price my most 'expensive' batch is worth.

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