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November 03, 2001: Just another day

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One of the very best things about NaNoWriMo so far is that, because of it, we successfully avoided making plans for our weekends for the entire month of November. Yes, folks - an entire month where the only time we'll actually be leaving town is for the yearly turkey-related feast later on this month. Other than that, our weekends are our own, to do with as we please. The hope, of course, is that we'll be doing a fair bit of writing on the weekends, but just the knowledge that there are four entire weekends back to back, where we can sleep as late as we want, is an overwhelming bit of happiness.

We went to Starbucks for breakfast this morning and set ourselves up at a corner table away from the direct sunlight, nibbling scones and sipping lattes while typing furiously away on our little portable Palm Pilot keyboards. We were the picture of married nerd bliss, in other words. Our twin set of fascinating gadgets drew the attention of one of the baristas, who came over to ooh and aah over the size and convenience of the little foldable keyboards. Meanwhile I ran into the size-limit of the default Memo note on the Palm several times in the course of my typing and, later on, ended up uploading a series of notes titled simply with the number order for the chapter I was working on.

It was relaxing, being able to sit there and write and not have the usual worry about having to transcribe my barely legible handwriting onto the computer later. Heck, we were there long enough that we even scored a free large chai tea latte, which we split between the two of us. I'm not sure when I last had a chai latte, but it's been far too long!

The rest of the day has passed in the same sort of relaxed state of enjoyment, impossible to spoil despite even a brief rush of house cleaning. The sun is shining outside and as we pulled into the driveway from our trip out for coffee, I saw a cluster of tiny bright yellow butterflies dancing around the flowers in the front yard. The cats are puddled around the house in various states of sleepy, and Richard and I are camped in front of our computers, writing, emailing, doing nothing useful at all.

Such a marvelous day!

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