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December 03, 2001: Everyone likes a parfait

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Like good little (greedy) brides and grooms, we filled out wedding registries before the wedding. Okay, so it was nice to be able to let people know about stuff we wanted, and it was admittedly kind of fun to go around department stores scanning in stuff that we knew we'd never in a million years actually get. Then, once the wedding was over, I figured we would sit back and relax and forget all about them.

Silly, silly me. Thanks to having to put my name and mailing address on all those registries, I have now been signed up for every single useless catalog there is, geared toward females with nothing better to worry about than whether they possess enough settings of the proper china for casual vs. elegant dining, or whether their shoes are in style. I am getting them in droves. I never would have put myself onto their mailing lists, and since they're coming to my maiden name, I am pretty sure I know where they are purchasing the information.

If I'm going to get catalog spam, couldn't I at least get something cool? You know, more things from places like Dancing Dragon or Toscano? A catalog that might finally reveal to us the source for gargoyle stocking hangers?


We watched Shrek tonight, sitting in front of the TV with our dinners, a fire in the fireplace. After watching Final Fantasy last night, I found myself paying more attention to the little details of the CGI animation - the imperfections in the characters' skin; the way the grass actually ripples when they walk through it; the way the fur ruffled on the donkey's back as he twisted and leapt. Shrek, at least, was created as a cartoon, but there were times in Final Fantasy when it was almost easy to forget that the settings weren't merely constructs in some Hollywood set but instead simply pixels in someone's computer (and considering how many 'real people' films out these days have CGI-created backgrounds anyway, it wasn't hard to make the jump). They've got a lot of work still to get voices to match with actual speech movement, but it's still pretty impressive.

I loved Shrek the first time I saw it. This time around I laughed even harder. I can't imagine anyone who could animate a donkey as well as Eddy Murphy (that's not an insult - honest!).

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