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December 11, 2001: Little joys

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The sheets on our bed right now are dark and medium blue striped flannel. I picked them up on sale last week while running errands and had wrapped them, intending them to be a present to both of us from the cats (the cats also 'gave' us a wedding present - one of the Red Dwarf tapes we so badly wanted. Yes, I freely admit I'm weird). But I couldn't wait three more weeks for the warmth I knew they'd bring. So the present idea was scrapped, the sheets were washed to get rid of the smell and stiffness of being new, and last night we put them on the bed. I slipped into the freshly laundered flannel last night and, for the first time in weeks since winter hit, I wasn't cold. It made it that much harder to leave bed this morning when the alarm clock yelled insistently at me, but that's a small price to pay for such simple and luxurious comfort when it's cold outside.


I finally broke down and went to my manager Friday. She was a bit frazzled, running from meeting to meeting, but I managed to catch her and asked if she had anything at all that I could do. The simple fact is that I have not been at this job long enough to be able to make my own work. There are projects I could be doing, but I don't yet know which things are fair game, and which ones would result in me stepping on toes. I did feel awkward and put it off for as long as I could, but there are only so many times I can read the product guides or poke around the new software.

Luckily she had something to give me, and an assurance that things will pick up soon, and seemed to understand my reluctance to not only ask for work, but to admit that I had none in the first place.

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