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December 13, 2001: Insert useful title here

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The last thing I did before I left work today was sit down and make out a To Do list for tomorrow. That's the first time I've had to do that. I was actually pretty excited about it. The logjam is clearing; work is moving down the pipe to us; it's starting to get busy. Hooray!


I am starting to think that perhaps I ought to try training my voice to sing alto. It's either that, or I need to break down and buy myself some hydraulic lifts for my shoes. The choir director puts us tenors in the very back when we're all standing, and even though we're up on the top step, I still end up bobbing up and down between the basses and making the other tenors shuffle around until I can find the one spot where I can still see. Because the group is getting so large, they're discussing building some temporary risers for when we sing the cantata this weekend. The two guys who were discussing it assured me they'd build an extra-high one for me. It's either that or Sunday I'm going to break down and bring a milk crate to stand on. Heh.


They are predicting a winter storm tonight. Wind advisories abound on the radio and rain's a' coming, so they say. It was sprinkling as we drove home from choir practice, but it didn't look remotely stormy.

All I require is that if there *is* a storm coming, that it rain and blow itself out by Saturday. We have lights to put up, darn it.

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