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December 14, 2001: Twinkle

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We got the rest of the lights up today - finally. We'd made a half-hearted attempt last Sunday, but didn't get very far, mainly because neither of us really wanted to brave putting the lights on the second story gutters. Today, however, Richard got to be all manly and while I wandered around inside, armed with strings of lights and suction cups for the windows, he tackled the garage and the second story. And we got them done - while it was still light out and without either of us sliding off the roof. Phew.

There is a house in town that does - in my opinion - the perfect example of truly classy lights. It's two stories, with a steep pitched roof similar to ours, and all sorts of gables and angles, and they've lined every possible edge with tiny white lights. It might sound a bit overdone, but on this house, it isn't. It's perfect. They also line the branches of the little trees, and draw a perfect edge to their yard. They do this in both the front and the back, as both sides are visible if you know where to drive. It is a truly amazing sight. I have seen this house every year since my parents moved to this town and I've driven to their house during the holidays. It has always been lit. I have coveted their lights.

Of course when we drove out there tonight so I could actually take a picture of this incredible display, no lights were to be seen! I'm hoping that they simply hadn't turned them on for the night, but there may be a more unappealing reason - that they simply didn't put them up this year. Sob.

I did take a picture of our house in all its little white light glory, but it didn't come out very well. So instead I shall leave you with this, just in case anyone out there needed some alternative decorating ideas.

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