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December 18, 2001: Thwarted

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The problem with putting up lights on a house, I can already see, is that you are never really done. We already know what will be done in the years to come, once we finally figure out exactly how to scale the topmost part of the roof. The witch's cap over the master bedroom bay window can be lined, and lights along the edges and angles of the roof will work wonderfully.

But even this year, after taking two weekends to scootch around on ladders and the roof, and making several trips to the store for more gutter hooks and suction cups, we're coming up with more ideas.

The first problem is, quite simply, that we are swimming in lights. The ones currently adorning the house make up what was left from those used to decorate the reception hall at our wedding. However, this does not even begin to touch the five cases of lights sitting in our garage, purchased pre-wedding by a certain paranoid bride (um. That would be me) who was sure we wouldn't have enough to light the whole room. In case you hadn't already figured it out, we didn't need those five cases after all, but it was too late to return them.

The second problem is that some of the little extra spots that really could use lights this year need shorter strands than what's currently sitting in those five unopened cases. So despite the fact that we have enough lights to illuminate the entire neighborhood, Richard went out light-shopping today. Or at least he tried.

When I came home, he began to rattle off a list of stores, including hardware, drug, grocery, and others. None of them, it seems, has any more short light strings. Oh, they had them in stock til last weekend, but not any more. If we wanted strings of huge lights, we would be all set. Ditto those light ropes, and those hideous icicle lights that I think should be banned on any house with only one story and a flat roof. Heck, if we wanted strings of big lit birds, we'd be all set as well (Although for some reason, the strings of lit birds really threw Richard. Hee).

So despite all my neat ideas for 'finishing it off' this year, I guess I'm just going to have to be patient.

Next year, though. Just wait.

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