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December 21, 2001: Hark! The calories are calling

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Someone brought in a plate of russian teacakes, still warm from the oven, and set them in the break room on Monday. I know they were still warm because I had one. I then whispered the news of the presence of such decadence to my cube neighbor, who also happens to be on Weight Watchers.

She tried to accuse me (laughing the whole time) of dragging her down with me, but I noticed she made a rather hasty beeline to sample the goodies as well.

Plates of homemade cookies and candy and fudge lurk in the break room, or in the separate 'food cube' just for our department. There have been boxes of peanut brittle and chocolates from See's candy.

I don't care what they try to tell you in any weight loss program. It is nearly impossible to resist temptation this time of year, and it's not going to get any easier until after next Tuesday.

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