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February 01, 2002: Digital ink

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Life has been fairly unexciting lately. At work I am pretty much busy the entire time. Right now, it's a mix between trying to describe code (most of which is *not* commented, grrr) and finishing up the tutorials I've been writing for some of the newest functionality that will be released in the next version of the software. I get to work, shivering from the brief walk between car and office, huddle in my chair til the building finally heats up, and type like a madwoman until it's time to go home. Sometimes by the end of the day I am carrying on a rather involved conversation with my computer. Granted it's one sided, and often involves pleading on my part for the system to please either work the way I have configured it, or at least give me some means of explaining the complexities that I keep uncovering.

In a way, this technical writing is just as much of a puzzle as database programming ever was. I am given access to an alpha version of software and am then tossed in to muddle my way through the murky waters of unverified and incomprehensible processes until I can make enough sense of them to put them onto paper. And apparently I'm managing to do a pretty good job of it. My three-month probation period is over and my review was extremely favorable. And I'm enjoying myself. It's like the old days, when I first dove headfirst into the world of database programming and couldn't get enough of it. I'm not dreaming documents in my sleep like I used to dream code back in my database nerd days, but the similarities are still there.

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