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February 22, 2002: This method configures...

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I was told lately that I've been slacking off, not writing very often, so I guess that means I'd better come up with something (So there, big sis. Ha!). I'll admit that I've had very little imagination this week at all. At work I'm documenting objects and classes in visual basic, to the point where when I sit down at the computer and attempt to compose anything else (be it an email message or a journal entry), my fingers are set on autopilot to start with "This method configures…" and go from there. Useful for work, perhaps, but deadly dull to anyone who wasn't looking to delve into the SDK for the-company-to-be-nicknamed-later's software.

We've been watching the Olympics sporadically all week, but Thursday night I made extra sure to set the VCR while we were at choir practice, and we got home in time to see Sarah Hughes take the gold in women's figure skating. I know there are those of you out there who may have been disappointed for Michelle Kwan, but Sarah's excitement, and the fact that it was so very obvious she was having fun in her performance made me root for her the moment she took the ice. She deserved that medal simply because she went in there thinking she hadn't a shot in hell of getting it and skating the best performance of her life. Of everything else that has happened this Olympics - everyone and their government filing bitchy little complaints about judging discrepancies and whether or not drug tests are fair - Sarah's win is the one thing that will stand out for me the most. Granted, now that I've seen her skate, the next time I get out on a rink I'm going to feel even more like an inebriated hippo flailing around the ice, but that's okay. I'll still have fun.

And okay, so I haven't spent *every* hour at work this week describing code. I also have been reading all the archives of this journal and trying very hard not to laugh out loud and make my coworkers wonder just what was so funny about Visual Basic *this* week. I forwarded the link to Richard. Now the two of us have started getting inspired. Hmm…..


Jennifer's Helpful Hint #32: When your cordless mouse isn't working and you try to reset it and nothing happens and you try to plug in the old mouse and nothing happens and you speak ill of your computer's parentage and give it a few reboots and nothing happens and then you storm out of the room to console yourself with a Poptart (because you had extra Points left and besides, Poptarts are the consolation food of the truly discrimiating adult), when you come back, you might, just maybe, want to try replacing the batteries (yes, those batteries. The ones you replaced only TWO WEEKS AGO). Voila. Sparkly lights and functioning mouse once again. Sigh.

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