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February 27, 2002: Oh sure. You want a title too?

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I would like to know why it is that when, for the past 30 or so years of my life I have never had a working thirst mechanism (and let me point out here that dehydration headaches are just sooo much fun), now that I am making a concerted effort to drink the Weight Watchers minimum requirement of water per day (that would be 48 ounces, by the way), now I'm suddenly thirsty ALL THE TIME?

I hate water. Just in case you didn't remember it from my last whiny little rant, I really hate water. And I hate being thirsty. And I especially hate having to go to the bathroom every time I blink because I'm forcing myself to drink all this water.

Yeah, yeah, better health, good for me, blah blah blah. Stupid mutter mutter "new lifestyle". Hmph.


Just wanted to thank those of you who responded with positive comments about my ideas for painting the breakfast nook. Although apparently I don't get to claim it as an original idea, I am feeling a teensy bit less inept because people actually thought it sounded cool. So one of these months we'll toddle off to the local hardware store and find just the right shades of brown and green, and slap a few trees onto our walls. Because, see, now we're pondering painting foliage into the peaked roof of the master bedroom bay window. You see what happens when you encourage me?


Oh, and speaking of paint and bedroom bay windows, the shelves are finally done. My dad came over Saturday and he and Richard did manly-man things with saws and nail guns while I stood around and occasionally handed someone a tool. This was perfectly fine by me because I think they were having way more fun than I would have, were it me. And then Monday Richard reached his limit of tolerance for having all the books piled in front of his armoire, and so he did all the touchup painting during the day and then put all the books on the shelves.

It looks so cool. We keep going in and admiring it. I'm disgustingly proud of it and I really didn't do all that much (well, okay, I did the majority of the painting, but the building part was a tad more critical). There is plenty of room left for lots more books, although eventually we'll need to make ourselves at least one more shelf. But hey, now that we know what we're doing (quit snickering), that should be a piece of cake.

You can see our lovely handiwork here. I made those curtains (yes, more back-patting, what can I say), and that's Sebastian, lurking behind one of the chairs. He adores the ottoman - hence the reason why it is perpetually covered with a fine coating of white fur. The cats are a bit miffed that the shelves aren't quite wide enough for them to leap on, but they're retaliating by having a fine hairball hacking festival everywhere, so it all evens out in the long run.

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