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March 01, 2002: Blow

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You have to love the weather around here. One week insanely cold; the next week warm enough to make everyone wish fervently they could go outside, and then just as quickly to what we're dealing with right now. Wind. We get wind in this area of California. It's not your mild delta breeze - no, this is, as the highway alert sign so blithely put it this morning - high, gusty wind. It's the kind of wind where you find yourself exceedingly thankful that you are not driving a teeny tiny economy car as you pass over the causeway; the kind of wind where you don't want to get on the wrong side of a semi because the driver's having a hard time fighting the wind and staying in his own lane; the type of wind where it would not surprise you in the least to see smaller farm animals tumbling through the air overhead, bleating or squawking in indignation.

It is also the type of wind where I am torn between wanting to immediately go home and wash every single blanket or towel in the house just so I can hang it outside to dry and accumulate that marvelous smell of sun, and realization that if I hang anything at all it had better be large and heavy because the neighbors probably would not see the humor in finding my unmentionables scattered all over their roof.

Today I finished the project I've been working on intently for the past few weeks, and I find myself suddenly at a loss. There are other things I should resume work on, but I'm not sure my brain is capable of doing such an abrupt switch, on a Friday when there are only a few hours left before everyone can begin to slip quietly away in the hopes that no one will notice they're leaving a bit earlier than normal. So in the meantime I'm re-reading through some old documents, refamiliarizing myself with the rest of my job that was hastily abandoned weeks ago when they said 'ohmygodweneedthisdoneassoonaspossiblecanyoudoit?' tossed me a system with the charming quirk of requiring me to reboot the application upwards of ten times a day (such that my motto quickly became Save Often Or You Will Regret It), and off we went. Admittedly it's been fun and now I have a far more in-depth understanding of the code behind the software (far more in-depth, perhaps, than I ever wanted to be, but I digress).

We've got a mostly quiet weekend planned - a maintenance check for some of the larger appliances, and then me either trying to find new and inventive excuses to procrastinate yet another week, or actually getting started on the next batch of curtains to be sewn. There's a Call of Cthulu game tonight, I'm the pianist for the service and I'm also singing in a trio Sunday morning, and a group of people are coming for dinner Sunday night.

Oh, and laundry to do, outside wrestling with hair in my face and clothespins that want to spiral out of my grasp, and wet and clammy twists of freshly laundered linens. Oh yeah. This is going to be fun.

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