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March 03, 2002: Memory lane

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Friday night, a horde descended on our house, armed with character sheets, pencils, books, and dice so that EvilPheemy could finally run the first part of his Call of Cthulu game. For the first time in my (albeit short and sporadic) role-playing career, I'm playing a male character, mainly because with a game set in the 1920's, choices for female characters were fairly limited. And it's an interesting stretch for the brain - not just for me for some of the others as well, trying to put aside our up-to-date notions of how to perceive things and try to look at things from the perspective of that era. And this is all with action that - so far - has been nothing more out of the ordinary than a trip to an orphanage. It will be somewhat of a relief when the gruesome monsters finally do appear in this game, simply because that particular action will defy even 1920's perceptions. I know how to play characters facing hideous otherworldly creatures. I'm just having a little difficulty playing a male doctor in the days before women were actually considered equals.


I finally sat down this weekend and started going through the wedding album, using little blobs of rubber cement to attach copies of the invitation, announcements, etc. to pages. And then I decided to tackle the wedding pictures, getting them in order so as to start putting them into the album. I might feel like a big lazy slacker for taking seven months to get to it, except that I know at least one person who has been married for four years and hasn't gotten around to sorting out her wedding album either, so by that comparison I'm a little organizational speed demon.

I carefully trimmed the pages of our ceremony and arranged them in the album. I remembered staying up late one night, looking for ceremony ideas online, not happy with the more religious versions that had been offered us and wanting to find things that would have more meaning to the two of us. I burst into the bedroom, a sheaf of papers clutched in my hands, and babbled excitedly at poor half-asleep Richard, circling the parts of each relevant ceremony that I thought we could do. He humored me a lot during the wedding preparation phase. Heh.

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