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March 05, 2002: I am part deer

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In all my life I can honestly say that I rarely, if ever, have food cravings. I've never been one of those people who just *had* to have chocolate, or cookies, or any other food that people regularly crave. Granted I get hungry, and more often then not I eat because I'm bored or feeling nibbly, but there's never really been all that much of a craving going on. Because of this I've never been able to identify with those diet tips on how to handle cravings. I may want chocolate, but it won't drive me crazy if I don't have it.

Today, however, I have been craving Frito's. It's a bit unusual for me, considering that I was never the salt-fiend. That title was usually reserved for my college roommate, who regularly craved potato chips. This phase gradually shifted into a peanut butter cup phase, and I don't remember what came after that, but through it all, she always preferred the salty snacks to the sweet ones. I, however, preferred the sweet. I've always been picky about cookies and candy bars, but give me a half-gallon of ice cream and a spoon and I'm a happy girl. Toss in a small box of the darkest chocolate you can find and I'm in sheer indulgent heaven.

But back to today, and my Frito obsession. I think this stems from the fact that one of the players in Friday night's Call of Cthulu game brought a bag of Frito's, and I rather unwisely nibbled on a few. It was, apparently, a bad thing to do. Ever since, I've been thinking about Frito's, and today was just horrible.

I know it's not the Frito's, specifically. There are certain foods that must be eaten salty, or not eaten at all. Frito's are one of them - they come naturally salted. Tortilla chips, popcorn, and french fries are the others. I strongly disapprove of the whole unsalted french fry movement that hit the fast food restaurants a few years back. I mean, come on people, if someone is that worried about their blood pressure, what the heck are they doing sucking down a Big Mac and jumbo fries? The grease quotient will kill them long before the salt intake will. And as for tortilla chips, let's just say I've been known to take my chips and salt them individually at Mexican restaurants before eating them in slow nibbles so as to savor every bit of that crispy salty goodness.

My Frito craving was not helped by the fact that I knew that in the Food Cube just a short distance away from my desk were piles of those little lunch-pail bags of Fritos and all sorts of other salty munchables. I even went so far as to go look at a bag and calculate out the points.

Richard, heeding my plight (and my incessant whining via instant messenger), graciously brought home a box of light microwave popcorn (our air popper broke, darn it) when he went to get groceries this afternoon. It may not be Frito's, but I have a saltshaker and a bottle of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray. It's not Frito's, but it's all I've got, so it'll have to do.

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