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March 13, 2002: This is supposd to get easier, right?

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When the alarm went off this morning I bapped at it weakly and then rolled over to poke at Richard. He mumbled something about being really tired. The door to the guest room doesn't latch (an item on the list of 'hey, it's been a year so now it's time to come do the basic fixes' for the contractor who built the house). Last week we gave up and shoved a shelf against the door to keep it shut, but the guy came over yesterday to take a look at everything that needed to be done (a few patches to plaster after the house finished its settling - that sort of thing), they moved the shelf back so he could see how the door didn't work. And apparently they didn't move the shelf back against the door. So around 3am one of the cats decided to try to get into the room, and ended up sitting there banging away on the door repeatedly. Luckily I slept through it, but poor Richard didn't.

After he told me that, I was perfectly willing to be lazy and remain under the warm covers for a few more smacks at the snooze button on the alarm clock, and forego the bike ride. But despite his being extra-tired, Richard got up, turned on the light so I couldn't drift back to sleep, and then insisted we go. He knew that despite my desire for laziness, I'd regret not going.

The ride was worth any initial reluctance on my part. We go the tail end of a beautiful sunrise, startled quite a number of farm cats along the road, and rode through a few back streets of our little town we hadn't really explored before. And when we got home, the house was filled with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee (the joys of having a programmable pot), and the sun was pouring through the windows. Even if I'd wanted to fall back into bed, I wouldn't have been able to. It had been taken over by cats, stretched out to take advantage of the sunbeams and recharge their solar cells for another lively evening of noise and excitement tonight.

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