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March 19, 2002: Promises, promises

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They were predicting storms for the weekend, but I can't claim that as an excuse for not riding Saturday morning. That lies squarely on the shoulders of round two of the Call of Cthulu game that was held at our house Friday night. By the time everyone left I was barely conscious, and it was close to 2am. The appeal of getting up early enough to ride the six miles round trip to Starbucks and back, leaving enough time to shower and get ready for our 10am appointments, just wasn?t there. And besides, we were getting our taxes done later in the afternoon, so that shot the rest of the day for any hope of outdoor activity.

Sunday morning it was drizzly and grey, dreary enough that I could grab onto the clouds overhead and those storm predictions for why we should pass on riding our bikes to church. The sun came out just as we arrived at the parking lot, staying out just long enough for us to get home from lunch several hours later. It was only when the threat of exercise was sufficiently past, and we began discussing going to see a movie that the clouds rolled back in and that storm they'd been threatening finally hit. And boy did it hit. It was short and nasty, but not so bad that we were compelled to stay home. We were intimidated by a measly sprinkle when exercise was involved, but somehow we braved the pouring rain to go see Resident Evil, which is probably one of the all-time best zombie movies I've ever seen in my life. Oh yeah. Priorities.

This morning I woke up. The sun was shining and there wasn't a hint of storm clouds in the sky. But I was lazy still. No excuses, like the weather, or simply lack of sleep. I just didn't feel like going riding.

Tomorrow morning we'll go. The only thing that will keep me from dragging my reluctant and flabby body down to the garage to get on that bike is if the skies open up and it begins to rain hard enough to make riding dangerous. A year may seem like more than enough time to get ready for a riding trip, but I know myself too well. I cannot afford to get into the habit of procrastination on this - not this time. And maybe once a few weeks pass and we keep plugging away, it will start feeling as if we're actually accomplishing something.

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