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March 28, 2002: Blah, blah blah

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Itís been a fairly unexciting week. Iím posting an entry anyway, however, before I get accused of being a slacker again by certain people (and you know who you are). So. Um. Letís see.

Work has been the usual Ė short bursts of energy followed by longer periods of pondering, which this week has involved pestering people to give me information, repeatedly borrowing the same VB book from one developer over the course of three days to search for definitions, and staring cross-eyed at outlines until they finally decided to play nice and become full-fledged documents all on their own. Oh, and trying to avoid murdering the person who keeps making kettle corn in the company microwave and filling the air with the aroma of baking cookies. This is considered cruel and unusual torture by the little cluster of us Weight Watcher types.

Speaking of Weight Watchers, Wednesday I whipped up another batch of vegetable soup to take with me to work for lunch, and looked up the Points value of Cadbury eggs. I believe that is also the day that I become unreasonably addicted to the latest in a string of Shockwave games, for which I blame those who keep posting links on The Usual Suspects forum, but I digress. And so far this week, despite the presence of an entire bag of M&Mís and mini Hershey bars (including my favorites, Mr. Goodbars) in the Food Cube, I have managed somehow to not only stay in my Points, but to start accumulating a few extra in preparation for the aforementioned Cadbury egg-eating-festival this weekend.

Oh, wait. Something sort of exciting did happen. Well, almost. When I was turning onto the street where my office is yesterday morning someone behind me started honking, and then they not only followed me down the street, but also pulled into the parking lot and parked right beside me. Fortunately it wasnít a crazed stalker, but someone who I knew from the last project I was on when I worked for the Big Fish (hence the reason it was only *almost* exciting. If it had really been a stalker it would have been much more exciting. Iím sure of it). Turns out he was taking a class at the office right next to mine, so we decided to do lunch (well, not right then, but later. At lunchtime. Of course). Lunch ended up being a laugh fest of Ďremember whenísí from the project, and some catching up on kids (his), new marriages (mine), and other assorted odds and ends. Plus there was Indian food involved, so it was a good time all around.

Thatís all I can think of for now (and that should teach certain people to quit calling me a slacker too. See what you get?).

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