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April 22, 2002: Nothing sweeter than free

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Today was free cone day for Ben & Jerry's. I learned this from my mom-in-law, who unfortunately does not live or work near enough one of their scoop shops to take advantage of the situation. I immediately fired off a short list of e-mails and instant messages to notify my nearest and dearest. My coworker, upon receiving my little public service announcement (heh), immediately tracked down the nearest store, and before we knew it, there was a little group of us all set to head over during lunchtime.

Normally, Ben & Jerry's ice cream doesn't exactly fall into the points range for the day. The laws of nutritional physics, however, clearly state that food which is monetarily free (but normally *not* free) is also free of fat or calories, and in the case of Weight Watchers, free of points. Hey, all my coworkers and friends agree with me, so it must be true. I think it's also in the constitution somewhere, right next to where it says that food eaten while taking part in any charitable function contains no calories.

Later this evening, round two of Free Cone Day commenced. Richard didn't have coworkers who dragged him kicking and screaming to get ice cream during lunch (Well, okay, so I was the one who actually drove us there, if we're going to get technical, but I like my version of the story better). So after dinner (chicken, grilled with potatoes, assorted vegetables and some randomly delicious mixture of herbs and spices, because Richard is having way too much fun playing with fire) we headed off to the nearest Ben & Jerry's, which happens to be in Davis. After all, a good wife should accompany her husband when he goes to take advantage of free ice cream. I was only being polite, really I was, and besides, it's against the law to turn down free ice cream. That's in the constitution too, you know - the right to free ice cream. And if it's not, it should be.

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