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May 02, 2002: Or maybe not

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Glue sticks were a lovely thought for building the crusader castle. After all, glue sticks prevent all the icky gooey mess that is normally associated with using any sort of paste.

The problem is that the glue from glue sticks doesnít stick nearly as well as the messy stuff, and after fighting with them and the 5437 little teeny tiny pieces of paper from which we are to build this castle, we finally broke down and got ourselves two little bottles of trusty white Elmerís glue. Yes, itís gooey and messy and gets everywhere and when weíre done with a building stint, our fingers look like we have some horrid skin disease that has resulted in the flesh flaking off (until we wash all the glue bits off our hands, that is), but it works sooo much better.

Weíve accumulated a little pile of completed towers and walls and other assorted sections. The castle came with only limited directions, so weíre at the point now where putting pieces together is done via trial and error, and peering at a rather vague diagram in the hopes that we can figure out which way to fold things. But weíre getting a lot further on this thing now that we gave up on the glue sticks.


Itís been an interesting week. The manager of our department left us to take over the QA department (actually, at the moment, she *is* the QA department), so one of our ranks has stepped in to fill the managerial shoes. Both the old and new manager are terrific and the promotion couldnít have happened to a nicer person, but this comes at a time when weíve been rushing to finish things for a beta release of the software, so the added confusion has only made things a bit more fuzzy here at The Company to be Nicknamed Later.

On a whim, I started poking around on job sites to see what kind of things will be available to me once Iíve gotten a bit more experience under my belt for this technical writing thing. While I like my job a lot at The Company to be Nicknamed Later (yeah, yeah, itís been six months, but where this is concerned, my brain has drawn one big huge blank), the commute is starting to get to me, and I know it will only get worse as time goes on. My hope is that the switch to technical writing will open more doors for me when I eventually start looking for something closer to home, and even in this time of no-jobs-for-nerds-in-California, I can see that this assumption is correct. My dream would be to find something close enough to bike to each day (weather permitting), but I realize that even technical writing isnít that flexible. For now, Iím willing to be patient, to give it a year or two and see what comes up.

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