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May 20, 2002: Unsettled

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I think that even the two-hour nap on Sunday afternoon wasnít enough to make up for all the driving and lack of sleep Saturday night. I can only assume this is the reason why I was completely exhausted all day today Ė either that or the bizarre weather. I could barely keep my eyes open on the drive in to work (which is not usually considered a good thing when itís raining outside), and while sitting at my desk I had to struggle to find energy to get anything done. Somehow I managed to churn out an entire document full of processes and definitions before I finally gave up and went home early to go back to sleep. By the time Richard got home from work I was finally feeling slightly more human.

The fact is, Iíve been tired a bit too often lately, but it hadnít really hit me until this weekend just how often itís been. So Iím going to try to get to bed earlier each night and try to pay attention to my exhaustion level, and if it hasnít improved even with those efforts, I may have to break down and go to a doctor. Iím too young to be this tired all the time, arenít I?


Despite the fact that it is mid-May now and should no longer be quite so soggy outside, we were hit with thunderstorm and tornado warnings today. Itís actually been rather exciting, listening to the emergency warnings that break up the radio programming, issued by the national weather center. There were funnel clouds spotted all over several counties in the area, and a few even touched down. Of course, in California, our tornados are puny, weak things that couldnít do much more than look menacing and perhaps scare the sheep. Weíve nothing like the trailer-park-rippers that regularly threaten other parts of the country. Still, itís been exciting around here: thunder, hail, lightning, and tornados! Itís been enough to make hundreds of people completely forget how to drive in the rain. Because, you know, itís been weeks since they last had to deal with it (gee, I'm sorry - is my sarcasm showing?).


The one downside to all those lovely weather (which was preceded by some pretty nasty wind this weekend) is that weíve not been able to go bike riding since last Wednesday. It has also underscored the need for us to acquire yet more biking paraphernalia Ė although this time it is a bit more mundane than gloves or handlebar bags. Ireland tends to be soggy like this on a regular basis this time of year (which is when we intend to be over there, biking around). So the next items on our list of Things to Buy are back fenders and rain gear. Granted this means weíll have less of an excuse to forego the rides come this winter, but thatís a small price to pay. You see, one of these days I actually want to be able to say Ďsexy bike shortsí and Ďmeí in the same sentence without rolling my eyes and snickering.

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