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May 24, 2002: So anyway

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Itís been a week. What can I say? Itís not that anything exciting has happened, or that itís been excessively boring. Itís just been the usual. Work has beenÖwork. I have medium tasks and little tasks. I am developing a deep-seated resentment of Microsoft Project. In between doing swearing at MS Project and researching different modes of data access, I have held spirited discussions with coworkers on whether Spike getting his soul on the season finale of Buffy means that he will be a souled vampire or whether he is now human again, and on the sheer ickiness of that whole idiotic time travel cliff hanger for the season finale of Enterprise. Oh, and they finally brought us garlic schmear for our Friday free bagel breakfast. Yeah, itís the little things in life that matter.

As for the rest of it, letís see. We rode our bikes a little (but not nearly as much as Iíd hoped). We worked on the paper castle a little (I think weíre about halfway done with it at this point). I made sparkly jello and we ate that. I discovered that if you take the low fat Oroweat bread and the low fat cheese, you can make yourself a marvelous grilled cheese sandwich for only 2 points. The milk in the fridge has been there long enough that something is starting to grow in the carton. I keep forgetting to water the star jasmine on the front porch but so far it has forgiven me and stayed alive. I get to sing a solo for the anthem in a few weeks, a solo which rather stretches the range for a tenor, even a female one. Iím actually kind of excited about that. And oh yeah, the stuffed dragons no longer appear in the bedroom, but instead have lately been forming an irregular line up the stairs, with at least one lurking in the kitchen most days. We can only assume that perhaps they are forming a line of defense for some sort of invasion, but the cats still arenít talking. One of these days weíre going to set up a dragon-cam, just wait.

The excitement, it just never ends around here.

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