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May 31, 2002: Getting into the swing of things

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Because of other plans this weekend we're not going to be able to do any really long rides. Probably only 15 or 16 each day, the way things look right now, although depending on the wind on Sunday we may stretch that. But thanks to Bev's latest journal entry, we discovered a way to get in a nice long ride next weekend. Bright and early next Saturday morning we'll join throngs (well, hopefully there will be throngs) of people in West Sacramento to do 30 miles for the Ride Against Hunger. This will be our first "organized" ride, but it definitely won't be our last. There's a Bike Club in Davis, and they've got a ride scheduled for next Sunday (although a bit shorter than the Saturday 30 miles), so we'll have an introduction, of sorts, into the 'real' world of cycling fairly soon. It's actually kind of exciting, when I stop to think about it.

I'll admit that I have to find humor in this, my latest obsession. I think I've mentioned here before that my mom once asked me, not entirely joking, if I ever did anything normal. Last night at dinner she eyed me as I babbled excitedly about biking clubs and rides and our plans to bike around Ireland in a year, and she just gave me that wry smile I am getting rather used to by now. Our biking is just one more of those weird Jennifer things to my family, ranked right up there beside the cat obsession, the gargoyle collection, the penchant for role-playing games and online text-based action, and that whole bizarre baby-drool-makes-me-cringe issue. But that's okay. Every family needs at least one weirdo. It makes me kind of proud to know that I get to be that for mine.

By the way, our total miles for May are 173, which means we've gone about 268 miles total since we started this crazy little hobby back in March. Back when we first started doing this (three short months ago), I eyed Secra's goal of 2002 miles for the year in astonishment. Now, as I realize that we're doing at least 30 miles a week even without the extra stuff, it doesn't seem like such an insurmountable goal after all.


I arrived home this afternoon to find a small box tucked under the doormat on the front porch. I didn't have to do more than take a deep and appreciative breath to know that my Lush order had arrived! I tore it open and laid out the contents for Richard to see - a selection of bath bombs and bubble bars; pinks and purples and greens and every scent of jasmine that Lush has to offer.

Every once in a while, when the wind is right, I can catch a whiff of the star jasmine flowers that are liberally sprinkled among the plants that are slowly taking over one side of our yard, and it makes me stop and close my eyes and smile. We like jasmine in any form. But from Lush, we get it with purple glitter.

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