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June 07, 2002: Excuses

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I always have a million and one reasons why I cannot sew. I'm tired. The light's bad. I need to clean the bathrooms/do laundry/wash the dishes. The cats get in the way. I'd rather read my book/play this game/lurk on the computer.

The truth is that there really hasn't been a good excuse. And what's even worse, I actually enjoy the task, once I get started. At one time I had a sizeable stack of completed projects that graced the walls of the apartments and houses I rented. I decided to purge the collection when we moved, keeping only those I really like (since one problem with sewing is that you need to find places to put them once you've finished). I also made a deal with myself that I wasn't allowed to buy any new projects until I finish some of the existing ones. This has been somewhat successful, but only if the curtains for the computer room (which I still haven't begun) don't count.

I used to sew a lot more, in the days before I had a computer and spent far too much time online, and frankly, there are times that I do miss it. Not enough to get me to sit down more often with needle and thread, but enough that when a friend noted that her mom was trying to start a monthly craft night at her house, I jumped at the chance.

This being the first time, it was a small group. One woman had needlepoint. One brought papers, craft scissors, and stickers and a stack of photographs for scrap booking. One woman had a chunk of wood and a carving knife, and I had my counted cross-stitch. We sat around a table, working, chatting, and trading stories and gossip. They teased me that my unfinished project pile is puny and nothing to complain about, when some of theirs have lain unfinished for decades. Apparently I have quite a way to go before I can compete.

I have good intentions to try to get a bit more done before we all gather again next month, but I know myself too well. There will be cats to pet, journal entries to write, and a few dozen games of FreeCell to play. But at least it's a good start. And that has to count for something.

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