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June 12, 2002: In other news

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Last night Richard suddenly got up and started searching through the house for an empty shoebox. I was mystified as to the reason, until he called me outside a short time later. It seems not only had he found a box, he actually remembered what one was supposed to do with the shoebox once one has it. We stood on the back porch and he angled the box just so, and as we both peered inside, the tiniest little crescent of light reflected on the inner back side. And so it was that we saw the solar eclipse, or at least as much of it as one could see in our part of the world.


Just in case you happened to be pondering whether one can really be substituted for the other, let me put your mind at rest. Regular rice should never be used in place of instant rice. Not only that, but one should never eye the amount of liquid in the crock pot after one's dinner has been merrily percolating all day and think that one might get away with adding two full cups of said rice, uncooked, in the hopes that it will soak up the liquid and turn into edible rice (and not crunchy bits) sometime in the next two hours.

The saddest part about this whole dinner fiasco is that I have done exactly this sort of mistake before. One might think I'd have learned my lesson after the first time. One would obviously be wrong.


We have finally caught the dragon transporter in the act. Rosemary waltzed into the bedroom, purple dragon in her mouth, and dropped it on the floor before giving a conversational beep and waltzing back out again. Being outed hasn't stopped her dragon-carrying activity, however. It has simply made her more brazen. The littlest turquoise dragon was at the top of the stairs, facing down the stairs the other evening while we were both downstairs watching a movie. The next morning it had been turned to face into our bedroom.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder. If I give those dragons a thorough inspection, am I going to find little cameras? I think she's setting up surveillance. If she wasn't such a sweet cat I think I'd start to be a bit concerned.

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