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July 06, 2002: No patience

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I am sitting at my desk, waiting for class to begin. We had our test yesterday (which consisted of 40 multiple choice trick questions. I aced it, but still, I find these sort of things annoying). So now there's a full day of lecture that no one is remotely interested in listening too because it no longer matters.

I packed up my stuff (such as it was) and checked out of the corporate apartment where I was staying. I'm watching the clock already, even before noon, hoping that he lets us out early because I just want to go home. And while I wait for the class to start, I check my email and find the following:

"I opened the windows downstairs this evening because it was nice and cool outside. While I was watching the movie I'd rented tonight, I was close to shivering. The cats were freaked out about it, especially Rosemary who kept running around back and forth, pinging everywhere, more hectic than I've ever seen her. You would have laughed out loud to see her. And every now and then she'd pause and poke at the bottom of the coffee table, trying to get at whatever might be hiding under there, plotting mischief.

Sebastian is asleep on top of the cat tree, bright pink ears aglow, and Zucchini just clambered up to the top. He saw Sebastian there and clambered back down again. Allegra is sitting on your desk, looking around, stretching out, and trilling. Azzie is beeping pathetically from the bathroom doorway, and Tangerine is asleep on your mousepad. Rebecca isn't in here, but I know for a fact that she is on top of the cat tree downstairs. Another quiet evening at home.

Meanwhile, we have lights. They were delivered today and left with a neighbor who was kind enough to hang on to them for us. "

I love you, and I'll see you tomorrow night. :)"

I am learning nothing here. I can't wait to get home.

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