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July 13, 2002: Cumulative

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Today was one of those busily domestic days.. It started with a bike ride, or rather, we went out to go on a bike ride but then discovered that we had not actually removed all the thorns from my back tire and the new inner tube was now flat as well. Richard popped the wheel off and patched the hole (and also removed the one remaining hidden thorn) while I mixed a batch of cookie dough and hung laundry.

Later in the afternoon we tromped around the perimeter of the house with a bag of ant poison because they've been coming inside again (luckily there has only been a small swarm in the master bathroom, but still, it was a wake-up call to get our preemptive strike in before we are deluged with the little pests). And it was while we were doing this that we were eyeing the original two wasp nests which I sprayed and debating whether they were actually dead, and then we saw more wasps but didn't know where they were coming from until Richard looked up at peaked eave #2 (which is on the second story) and found THREE more nests!!

These aren't reachable from the ground, and there is just no way that either of us is going to be climbing on a ladder to try to get those. Plus the fact that every single nest is built over one of the aeration grids for the covered eaves makes us really, really nervous. Sigh. The nice exterminators are coming out Tuesday afternoon. Five nests, and some of them are huge. Apparently our house is just irresistible to wasps.

There were a few hours of slacking off and sitting in front of the computer playing mindless time-wasting games from Shockwave, but I couldn't spend all day doing that because Richard and I made each other a deal. If he would do some updates to the wish list program he's written for our families, I would work on the curtains for a few hours. Or in other words, we would both tackle those tasks that we keep putting off and putting off because there is always something far more interesting to do.

I got most of one curtain put together before the sewing machine decided to start eating thread. I can probably figure out how to make it stop but by that time I was tired and I had long past fulfilled my quota of 'a few hours'. But at least I've started them now, and once started, they are so much easier to finish. The second one is already cut so perhaps in the next week I'll finally get them completed. My incentive can be that once these three are done I can go find material for the curtain in the laundry room - and that can be something wildly colorful and fun.

There is a peach pie baking in the oven for lunch with Beth tomorrow. The cookies are baked, cooled, and already in a bag, ready to take to church. It's nearly midnight now and I'm realizing that I actually managed to accomplish quite a bit today. It's a nice feeling.

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