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July 22, 2002: Cake for breakfast

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I had chocolate cake for breakfast today. Dark chocolate, with a fudge frosting on top and milk chocolate on the sides, and decorated with little chocolates shaped like hearts; dense cake, heavy and rich...

...and when we started to put the cake stand together it wobbled and my older sister and I were convinced that it would fall over, so much so that we wadded up paper towels and stuffed them into the tubes of each level of the cake stand in an effort to make them a bit more sturdy.

I took it out of the freezer yesterday evening and carefully removed the layers of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. It was bigger than I'd remembered, and the decorative swirls of fudge were crushed on one side...

...because when we put the top on the cake, it fell over the first time - the pewter dragons were a bit heavier than the cake was expecting, but luckily my sister had the presence of mind to turn the cake around so the smashed part faced the corner of the room and no one knew that one small crisis had been diverted.

I had chocolate cake for breakfast this morning and we sat in the living room on the loveseat with our feet up on the coffee table to eat it...

...unlike the first and only time we had this cake before, when we held the plate each with one hand and tried so hard to pick up a piece of the crumbling dark chocolate and feed it to each other, laughing the whole time, and a little bit fell on my dress.

Last night we ate the cake and I didn't pay attention to the time until after I'd taken a few bites. Last night I ate chocolate cake... 8pm, which is when the ceremony finally started, after a day of anxiety culminating in an hour's delay because the outfits were still being hastily stitched together, and once we were finally ready, I stood outside the church door with my father and as the flower girl walked down the aisle I peeked through a crack in the door and saw this man, the amazing person I was going to make promises to, standing at the end, watching her and then looking past what everyone else was watching to see me.

I had chocolate cake for breakfast this morning...

...sitting beside my very best friend, my confidant, my partner in sexy bike shorts and evil tire-eating thorns; the one with whom I share silly laughter and bean jokes; the one who shares the server brain; the love of my life; my husband.

I had wedding cake for breakfast this morning because one year and one day ago today, we were married.

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