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September 26, 2002: Feeling the weather

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At last the heat wave has broken, to the point where today I left the windows open all day and the air conditioning never once kicked on. It's been downright chilly in the evenings with the wind. Of course this means we haven't done a bit of bike riding all week, but I'm not going to worry about that. I'm just happy that I can finally get some sleep. In fact I spent most of today curled up in bed. At one point I had all seven cats there with me, alternately purring or trying to burrow under the blankets, or wrestling over my pillow.

The cold weather means that the cats are feeling more energetic too. The colder it gets, the more hyper they become. While watching ER tonight I heard crashing and the feline equivalent of bickering between siblings in the dining room. When I went to investigate, three cats were all crouched on the dining room table, staring up at me with wide-eyes and doing their best to pretend that they weren't doing anything, just sitting there quietly, good little kitties, yes they were. I eyed the scene, noting the placemats scattered willy-nilly across the floor, and the fact that the brass pitcher of flowers (fake - I have seven cats. You think I'd be stupid enough to put out fresh ones?) was on its side, and then walked back out of the room to let them finish. There are actually people out there with calm, quiet, sedate cats. At least I've heard rumors.

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