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December 02, 2002: A little lack of direction

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Since I am doing the training in my half of the county all by myself, this meant getting to the site at 7am sharp, and then spending the next hour dragging chairs and tables around, hacking open boxes, tossing binders onto desks, and - my personal favorite crawling around on my hands and knees duct-taping the phone cord across the room. Because the phone jack that I needed to use was, naturally, located on the opposite side of the room from where my laptop and projector would be set up. Hooray for last minute purchases of extension cords and extremely long phone lines.

After scuffling around with duct tape and a phone cord that had no intention of playing nicely by simply lying flat, I had no desire to have to repeat the performance more than absolutely necessary this week. So I tracked down someone who might possibly know, and asked if I could leave my phone cord on the floor.

She, in turn, decided that I'd be much better of if I simply got my own badge to the building so I can get in in the mornings without having to wait for someone else to show up early. So off we marched to the reception area to take care of both issues get me a badge and find out if my phone cord would be safe for a few nights, since the same person could answer both questions.

That question-answering-person, however, took me completely by surprise. As late as Sunday night, I was under the impression that all of the training I'll be running this week was to take place in the same room hence my desire to keep my duct-taping efforts to a minimum. However, this apparently isn't the case. Turns out that I'm actually supposed to be in an entirely different building on Wednesday and Thursday. On the plus side, they had no problem with me leaving my phone lines in place for tonight, but the location switch was rather unexpected. Especially since neither I nor any of the rest of us Benthic Creatures types had received any notification of these changes.

Sensing my rising confusion, the woman who'd taken me to get my badge in the first place ran off to print out what little she'd received, and very kindly sketched out directions and a map. So at least now I know how to get to the new building. Of course once I get inside, I've no clue where to go, but at least this is a good start. After all, it's only Monday, so I've got a few days yet before I should start to seriously consider having a fit of panic.

Once again I am taking part in Holidailies, and have thus made the commitment to try to post every day this month. You can find guaranteed reading material from all of us participating at the Holidailies portal.

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