Welcome to the 'Childless By Choice' 'Burb

This is the the burb for those of us who are Childless by Choice. This is for all of us who:

  • Like kids just fine as long as they belong to someone else.
  • Love being an Aunt or Uncle (honorary or otherwise), because we know we don't have to keep 'em.
  • Prefer our 'children' to have more than two legs.
  • Get grossed out by baby drool.
  • Would rather scoop the litter box or give a dog a flea bath than change a diaper.
  • Never heard the tick of a biological clock.
  • Get tired of being challenged by total strangers, met with hostility and suspicion for our choices, and told that there is something wrong with us for not wanting to procreate.
  • Respect the choice of those who have decided to have children.
  • Expect the same respect from those with children for our decision to remain child free.
  • Think that being a family doesn't require any more than one person.
  • Look forward to the day when our relatives and friends will finally accept our decision.

If you see yourself in any of the above, then maybe you belong here, amid the free, the proud, the Childless By Choice.

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