Joining the 'Childless By Choice' 'Burb

The rules for this 'Burb' are pretty simple:

  • You must have an online journal
  • You must update (at least monthly).
  • You cannot have any children - biological or otherwise - either living with you, living with the custodial parent, or grown and moved out.
  • Should you at some point in the future choose to have children, although I respect your right to change your mind, you will be removed from this list.

This 'burb is a static list of online journals or blogs ONLY. This is NOT an email discussion list. This is NOT a discussion board. If you do not have an online journal or blog I cannot list you.

Should you choose to be listed as a member of this 'Burb', please send an email to Jenipurr with your name, email address, name of your journal, and the URL.

Once you have received confirmation that you have been added to the list, I request that you put a link to the main page on your journal. This link should be easy to find.

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