I live with my husband Richard and six cats in a 100 year old Craftsman bungalow in Sacramento, California. We are both computer database/server/fantasy & science fiction/RPG’ing nerds. Some of the cats are pictured in the header images (refresh the page to see more – it’s random).

I learned to knit in the spring of 2003, when I asked a friend’s mom to show me how. The first time I made a stitch, I was hooked, and after a few lessons, and a few swatches, I dove right into the deep end, and my first project was a cabled toddler sweater (knit in the round). In fact, I think it was at least a year or more before I even considered making a scarf. My advice to anyone learning to knit is always to find something you enjoy, and do that. There is nothing ‘too hard’ in knitting – it’s all made up of just two stitches (knit and purl) and a little extra fluff (yarn overs, increases and decreases) thrown in just to keep things interesting.

Knitting works for me because it is all about the math and the numbers, and as a computer nerd, math and numbers make me very happy. I’m happiest when I’m challenging myself to learn something new (turning the heel on a sock, designing my own cabled sweater, knitting a huge lace shawl in 16 days for the 2006 Knitting Olympics), but there’s also nothing quite like the lovely monotony of a simple stockinette sock to give me peace.

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