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Meow at me

Friday night, the Celtic rock band Tempest played in Davis, and of course a few of us went to see it. Hmmm. 'Of course' may not be the best way to put it - until last night I didn't even own a Tempest CD, but at least I'd seen them before. The last time they played in Davis, to be exact.

The concert took place (this year and last year) in a tiny little building that looks, from inside, to be a converted barn, and a rather dilapidated one at that. It comes complete with a rather compact tortoiseshell barn cat who sauntered onto the stage while one of the band members crouched down to adjust some equipment before the concert started. In typical tortoiseshell fashion, she curved around his legs, rubbed against one of the mike stands, and then made her leisurely way down to the audience to demand attention from those seated and waiting for the show to begin. (Yes, I notice cats when I'm in places. If there is a cat there, I will see it. This heightened ability to narrow in on things feline comes with the addiction, you see.)

They put on a excellent show. Their music is very energetic and it would take someone with incredible self-control to avoid tapping one's toe or clapping along. The lead singer and the fiddler (who, in my friend's opinion, is a fiddling god, and frankly, I think she's got it about right) are very in tune with the audience and tend to wander around a bit. In fact, the lead singer even came down and sat in my lap.

I suppose one might ask why I go to see this band whose music I don't even know? Because my friends like them and invited me along, and so I went. We sat in the front row, which was an acoustical mistake in my opinion because we got blasted by lots of noise and it was a bit hard to distinguish voice from music, but to my friends - all diehard fans of this energetic group - this was a price worth paying. And I suppose they might be right. After all, the lead singer chose my lap on which to perch, and would that really have happened if we weren't right there in the ear-bleeding seats?

I did buy a CD last night, simply because after two concerts (even though they were a year apart), they're growing on me. Or maybe it was the up close and personal touch, jeans to jeans. Hmm....