If only I was someone other than me

I spent the last two days in meetings, which meant flying to and from Seattle (and thus, plenty of time on the plane for sock knitting). This meant I finally finished my basketweave socks (pictures will come later)! I have never been someone who suffers from secondsockitis, so to have had this pair sitting, only half done, for so long, is really out of character for me. The only reason I ended up having such a delay was that I realized I needed to make my Sockpaltwoza socks, and then after that I got side tracked by the free yarn scarves for Katrina victims, and then there was that bout of obsessive playing of Civilization III (which, um, isn’t exactly over yet), so….not a lot of knitting lately, and far too much delay in finishing a silly pair of socks.

They’re comfy though. I’m wearing them today.

I’m currently at a loss for what to start next, since I literally have nothing whatsoever on the needles. I’ll be out of town again next week for three days, for work, which means I really should focus on small things that are portable. But instead I am dreaming of impractical things. Things like this skirt. Isn’t it gorgeous? I want to make this skirt. My brain is blithely ignoring all the million and one practical reasons why it would be insane to make that skirt, including the most important reasons, like the fact that I do not wear lace, I rarely wear skirts, and just the thought of me in a skirt made entirely of lace is enough to make my entire family and many of my friends fall over on the ground from laughing and pointing. Not to mention the fact that skirts like this only look good on tall, willowy women, and I am neither tall, nor willowy. But that is all irrelevant. Pesky logic means nothing. After all, I made myself a lace shawl (see above re. never wearing lace) and I even wore it once (although admittedly it was sort of bunched up like a scarf and I spent the entire time feeling like I wasn’t actually me that day because there was lace! On me!). So surely a lace skirt that will take me quite possibly months to complete is not so far fetched.

Maybe it is for the best that I have been so thoroughly side tracked by Civilization III, and capable of knitting only mindless things like scarves and socks. Maybe if I keep on playing, eventually this irrational need to make myself a completely impractical garment will fade, and I will remember that there are piles of yarn in my yarn closet waiting to become yet more afghans, and there is an entire bin of sock yarn still to be knit into cozy footwear, and there is that lace doily I am supposed to be starting because my mom wants a doily and surely I could finish that before Christmas, if I can just avoid looking at unreasonable things like pretty, lacy, perfectly ridiculous for short, chubby, never-wears-lace me, skirts.

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3 Responses to If only I was someone other than me

  1. Michelle says:

    You’re not the only one! I just can’t resist those beautiful lace patterns, and I never wear them either.

  2. Lissa says:

    That skirt is *gorgeous*. Though it might take forever.

  3. Frances says:

    Hey, now you made me look at the pretty, lacy skirt. Which I would wear but I lack the ability and patience to knit miles of lace.

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