A little taste of autumn

You know what’s nice about making an afghan in fall colors? Every cat in the house looks wonderful on it! And even better, with the exception of Sebastian, who is white, the cat fur that this thing is destined to pick up will just blend right in!

Here, Tangerine is showing off how nicely her orange fur contrasts with the leaf colors.

All the nitpicky details:
I used 7 skeins of TLC Essentials in Color #2958 Falling Leaves, on size 7 Denise interchangeable needles. For yarn reference, each skein is 127 grams of worsted weight (the wrapper doesn’t say how many yards per skein).

I’m quite happy with how this afghan turned out. It didn’t come out a completely perfect rectangle, but when dealing with a flexible medium like yarn, one has to expect a little imperfection. And since it’s an afghan, if it’s just a few degrees away from rectangle territory and heading into parallellogram territory, it really doesn’t matter.

I have written up the directions for how to create your very own diagonal basketweave blanket, and in the process discovered just how much work writing a pattern actually is. It’s been uploaded as a pdf and is accessible from the sidebar on the main page of this site. Please feel free to download it, use it, and let me know if you run across any errors. This is my very first time doing a pattern so just because it makes perfect sense to me, doesn’t mean it will not be completely incomprehensible to everyone else (heh).

The pattern does not include how to make the corner squares into triangles because I sort of did those on the fly and I figure most everyone should be smart enough to figure it out on their own anyway (I remain optimistic, at any point).

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  1. Scout says:

    Oh that’s so pretty! And you’re right! The kitty looks great on it.

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