Finished waterfall rib socks, using Socketta something-or-other (I lost the ball band along the way, unfortunately). I actually ripped out the toe of the first one and redid it with one less pattern repeat, and then worked the pattern itself an extra repeat into the toe decreases so that it appears to taper off more, instead of cutting off rather sharply like I’d had originally.

Of course now this means there is no excuse for doing anything but working full tilt on the FLAK cardigan. I’ve only got a few inches left on each of the sleeves, but there’s less than three weeks left and I really do not want to be working on it on the flight to Ireland (that honor is reserved for the Pacific Northwest Shawl, and also for many, many socks).

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7 Responses to Sockpal000za-done!

  1. The socks look great!

  2. Cynthia says:

    I love the socks! Nice job. I must admit that I am envious as I am still toiling away on my sockapaloooza socks!

    And my FLAK – haven’t started that yet; again I am envying you!

    Congratulations! I better go knit LOL

  3. Theresa says:

    So cool to see these on your blog – I had a ball of Sockotta once, and picked a random lace pattern for them. It was, as you’re probably guessing, the waterfall lace rib. Mine had some green and yellow, though. Yours actually look like a waterfall.

  4. Scout says:

    Beautiful! Go see my blog. I really have never been so happy to finish a project!

  5. What a pretty color choice to go with the pattern name. The socks look great! : )

  6. Sharon says:

    I love the socks. The blue is really pretty. I finished my Sockpal’s socks and am ready to send. I changed my mind about the first socks because they didn’t seem to fit her personality after I got to read her blog awhile. :0)

  7. Neva says:

    Ooo! Lovely lacysocks!

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