Celebrating the sheep

There are no pictures today because really, who among you has any real desire to see more of the endless pink socks? I know *I* don’t!

So just a quick update. Saturday was Lambtown, and this year they opened the Fiber Mall a day early. Since I was the only one in the office on Friday, and since they were replacing the stairs outside our office, and also since our phone system went completely kaput, I decided the universe was telling me I really ought to leave early, so I did not even go home first; I went straight to the fairgrounds. And of course, as soon as I walked in the door of the building where all the fiber vendors were setting up, I made a beeline for the Fiber Elements booth, and there was my pretty Pacific Northwest shawl, hanging up for all the world to see.

My knitting mom was there, as were a few of the other knitting regulars at some of the local knitting groups, so we all chatted with each other and also fondled yarn, because we are weak in the face of that much temptation. I decided to wander around a bit, and found a booth that had the extension cords for the Denise set on sale, so I quickly snatched up a 40″ and a 52″ cord. I was tempted by the replacement pack of regular cords, connectors, and end caps, but finding somewhere to stash the two extra-long cords in my little Denise set is going to be enough of a challenge without adding in a whole pile of extra goodies to the mess. Obviously I need to plot out some kind of carrying case for my Denise set (didn’t someone out there actually design something like this already? Felted, no less?) – something that includes a few extra pockets to store the add-ons that don’t fit. But that will have to wait. Because right now it is all about the pink (socks).

Richard and I came back to Lambtown on Saturday, since that was the official day for the event. We wandered around all the booths and got the required lamb plate from the Rotary Club booth for lunch, and I wandered around the fiber vendors again and seriously considered stealing one of the completely adorable hedgehogs sitting in one booth (I refrained from hedgehog-napping only because I have the pattern at home and as soon as I am done with the endless mile of pink socks and can get that goofy fun fur beark skin rug completed, I am going to use whatever fun fur I have left to make myself a small herd of hedgehogs for myself). I did not, much to my surprise, buy any actual fiber while at Lambtown, but I am still feeling a teensy bit decadent from that big pile of sock yarn that arrived last week, so the need for adding to the stash just wasn’t there.


I’ve added a new knitting group to my monthly round-up (Richard and I have begun comparing social calendars – I think currently I have more regularly scheduled knitting outings than he has writers’ group outings, but I doubt that will last for long!). There’s a group that meets at a fairly new coffee shop in Davis, so we’ve worked out a rather elaborate car pool to get there, since there’s four or five of us all in a line on the way to Davis, and besides, it gives us all that much more time to talk and laugh (and apparently, that much more time for some of the group to get themselves lost – heh). It’s every Monday night, so it’s kind of nice to now have a weekly group to look forward to. Last night someone even brought brownies (it’s a good thing knitting is washable).

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  1. Carrie K says:

    Don’t we all want to see never ending pink socks? I do!

    Oh, you went to Lambstown too? I knew I should have gone. The weather was perfect for a change and everything.

    Those hedgehogs are adorable.

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