Kool-aid Feet

The week of Thanksgiving, I had my niece and nephews help me dye some yarn with Kool-aid. They got to pick the colors, and they each then got to tell me how they wanted their slippers to look. The niece wanted pink and blue stripes, the youngest nephew wanted solid orange, and the oldest nephew wanted one orange and one blue slipper.

What with everything else I was working on, I kept putting off the slippers, until suddenly it was the week before Christmas and I was still plowing through a large lace shawl. Oops. Luckily, felted slippers go quickly; slippers for small people’s feet go even faster.

I cast on for the pink and blue pair on the drive down to Richard’s family’s house on Christmas eve and finished the first one while I was there, then finished the second one early Christmas morning, in time to wrap it and hand it over to her under the tree. She noted, with a giggle, that they are a little big on her.

And then, for the rest of Christmas day, when I wasn’t opening presents or taking pictures of other people opening their presents, or playing Rat-a-Tat Cat with the family, or eating, or watching small people tear madly around in the front yard, I knit. And before I left my parents’ house last night, I was finished.

Do I even need to mention how much my hands hurt right now? So much for promising myself there would be no last minute insanity knitting this year. Heh. Ah well. They turned out cute, and the kids all seemed to get a kick out of them. Hopefully they’ll like the slippers just as much once they’ve felted down to a more wearable size.

Pattern is from Knitting at Knoon. Yarn is the Bare Merino from Knitpicks.

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  1. Frances says:

    Dear lace knitting guru,
    I am going to attempt a lace shawl. The Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style. I have something around 620 yards of fingering weight Nature Spun. What size needles should I use?
    Thanks very much,
    -hopeless at lace

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