Five more

I’ve been busily cranking out more yellow squares for my mom’s sampler afghan, so here’s the next five completed pieces. This last week it’s been pretty much all about the fun cables.

Integrated Lattice (from one of the Barbara Walker stitch treasuries)

Quatrefoil with Seed Stitch (from one of the Barbara Walker stitch treasuries)

Aquaduct (from one of the Barbara Walker stitch treasuries)

Candle Flame Tree (from one of the Barbara Walker stitch treasuries)

Leaning eyelet check (my own design) – a chance for me to practice making left leaning decreases that look as pretty as right-leaning decreases (the secret – knit two through the back loop, and then purl that decreased stitch through the back loop on the way back)

I’m currently doing a very non-cabley square, and my knitting mom loaned me two more stitch treasuries to browse through (because the four Barbara Walkers and the three Harmony books are not enough – heh). I’ve already picked out a few to try, just for fun.

There has been a little non-yellow-yarn knitting, just to keep things from being all yellow, all the time. I added a pom pom to the little fair isle hat and gave it to my coworker, who has two small kids. I keep forgetting how large baby heads are – I was sure it would be too big for the baby and would, instead, fit the three year old, but she says it fits the littlest one perfectly. I’ve also finished the body for Sheldon, which, without any legs or eyes, looks really quite disturbing on its own. The pattern has you add the legs next, but I am actually thinking that while I will make the legs and have them stuffed and ready, I will not actually add them until the shell is completed. My thinking here is that I can stuff the disturbing little body into the shell, and then pin the legs in place, thereby making sure that they are in the right spot for optimum shell fitting.

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3 Responses to Five more

  1. Carrie K says:

    Those squares look really fabulous. I love your left leaning decrease square.

    So what stitch pattern books did you borrow?

    Stuffing Sheldon’s disturbing little body into his shell and then attaching his legs last sounds like the best plan. Why am I finding ‘disturbing little body’ so hilarious?

  2. i can’t get over how beautiful all the different squares are!

    i esp. love the candle flame tree…

  3. beautiful work-(i love blog with photo’s)

    and a great way to ‘swatch’ productively. the finished blanket will be a wonderful testitment to your skill.

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