I decided that, since I have bought no yarn in so long (the single ball of crochet cotton to make the lace collar for my mom for Mother’s Day doesn’t count because I could not find the box where I packed up all the crochet cotton I already own!), and since this is my birthday week, and since my local yarn store was having a great sale, I would treat myself to something pretty. This turned out to be enough Pima Silk (a silk cotton blend that is lovely and soft) to make myself a cute summer tank, in a bold red. The two balls of Regia silk sock yarn that also slipped into the stack on the counter means nothing, I tell you. Nothing at all. A girl deserves a little silk for her birthday, after all.

Anyway. There has been knitting, of course. Obviously, there was the lace collar mentioned above, which was finished and gifted and sadly not photographed – oops. I’ve been working a lot on my pair of Cablenet socks (just about to turn the heel on the second one), because if I am going to stick to my self-imposed rule of only having one pair of socks on the needles at a time, and if I am ever going to get started on a pair of socks for my Sockapaloooza4 pal, I need to finish off all these fiddly little cables first. And then whip through a pair of plain stockinette socks just to let my fingers rest for a bit before diving into something appropriately gifty. I’ve also been working on seaming together four big mitered squares for yet another afghan, which is being made primarily because I had all this acrylic in the stash that had been earmarked as an afghan originally, and making afghans is a great way to use up a *lot* of yarn.

So….still here. Working on transferring this to a new blogging system, so things might be a little quiet here until I get that all finished.

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